Why You Should Start a WordPress Blog Right Now

Why You Should Start a WordPress Blog Right Now
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In the last 12 months 93% of B2B marketers used blogs in their content marketing tactic.

When it comes to bloggers, WordPress has been the main platform for a long time now. For good reasons too.

Successful bloggers such as:

  • Neil Patel from NeilPatel.com,
  • Darren Rowse from ProBlogger.com,
  • Ryan Robinson from RyRob.com,
  • Rand Fishkin from Moz.com

    know how to consistently put out great content, drive engine traffic, promote on social media, get more subscribers every week and run a business online.

And WordPress platform is perfect for that.

But it’s not just for blogging, it has evolved into a powerful website builder and a robust content management system (CMS).

It’s one of the most popular ecommerce platforms for small business owners as well.

It’s easy to use for all kinds of websites, from ecommerce to a simple comparison website, and it’s flexible enough for any type of niche.

For blogging – it’s excellent.

If you want to create more readers and grow your blog, you’ve got to know how to drive and engage the audience, and WordPress offers you a way to accomplish all of that.

Join tens of thousands of bloggers who are make a living online from WordPress blogging.

I wrote this article to engage anyone who hasn’t yet achieved their true goals with their blog(s), and to inspire you to take action and try and get to the next level.

This blog, is created to showcase exactly that. I will use and share with you all the stuff that’s needed for that, how you can do exactly what I’m doing right here, with this blog.

I am creating a How to Start a Blog” 10-part Series that guides you step-by-step and shows how easy it is, to create a WordPress blog and start making a living in just a few months.

I’ll primarily focus on affiliate marketing, and will make it easy to follow both for advanced and beginner users.

I’ve split it in 10 parts to make it an easy guide to follow.

FREE ebook will be released as well with all 10 parts combined.

And with this information I hope you’ll be able to improve your own blog, drive more traffic, expand your email list, plan accordingly and eventually grow your business to reach your goals.

Whether you’re trying to increase your affiliate income, improve your Google rankings, start a new blog from scratch, or just want to know how to get to the next level – this blog is for you.

WordPress is Free and Easy to Set Up

There are more ways to earn money on WordPress right now than ever before.

WordPress is extremely powerful, yet easy to set up.

All you need is a simple guide to register domain, get hosting and install WordPress. You can start writing immediatelly. Granted, that’s not all, but that’s how easy it is for the first time user.

In order to consistently make money online on WP, you need to have some strategy.

You need to get the visitors to your website, make an email list and keep getting subscribers. After that you need to monetize it, focusing on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to make enough money from home with affiliate marketing, you can just take a look at some of the more successful bloggers and see how it turned out for them, such as Adam Enfroy or Ryan Robinson.

Granted, it’s not the only income stream for them, but they have income reports and you can see clearly how much they make every month.

If you ever wanted to make money from home, this is the perfect time to start a blog.

And it’s not like you need to be extremely lucky or need a higher power.

To make money online with WordPress you just need to keep learning bit by bit, and follow your strategy that you’ve created.

In any case, let me ask you – why wait?

Whether you’re trying to create a blog, improve your online business, write articles or simply earn more money from affiliate marketing – why wait on it?

We all want to get to the next level. But it’s hard. So we procrastinate.

Successful people don’t wait. They look at the facts, they plan a bit, and try soon after. And they don’t have a problem with procrastination. We must overcome these obstacles as well.

Most people hesitate because they don’t treat their WordPress blog as a business, but rather something that may or may not be proved profitable. And they aren’t willing to go the extra mile to make it a huge success.

If you lack motivation then motivate yourself any way you know. And how you motivate yourself depends exclusively on your personality. But you need to act.

In order to have a blog which consistently generates income, you have to work at it, every day. You have to plan.

You’ve heard the saying “We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.” Hard work works. Working really hard is what successful people do.

Denzel Washington
Plan Your Website

To get to your $…k a month, plans and strategies are necessary.

But most importantly, you should launch a business idea as soon as condition arise.

Too much information online?

When it comes to blogging, or making a new monetization strategy, or a new content marketing strategy, you may encounter there is too much information online.

I’ve seen this holding back so many bloggers with great ideas and dreams.

Most of the stuff I know I learned from other bloggers.

Occasionally I read a book, usually from a well established blogger or company.

Every time I try to read to solve a problem, I notice too much information. Often times, too much unfocused information, not specific to my needs.

This tends to create a paralysis state. There are 2 major ones.

Paralysis #1:

“Paralysis is a consequence of having too many choices”

Barry Schwartz
too many choices

In the context of blogging, I tend to see it like this: we become unsure and we weigh the information and try to decide. But we never do. We keep trying to decide and decide, and it paralyzes us.

Then when we decide, we still don’t feel as satisfied as we would if we had less choices to choose from. Then we eventually give up.

We wait for too long and lose the momentum and willpower to continue.

To overcome this you should focus only on one thing at a time. You’re trying to start a new project, just step into it and make changes. Test it. Then improve.

You want to replace your active income with passive one with a blog? Start making it right now and jump on it. Then research as you work at it.

Don’t just wait for it. Pick a guide and go for it.

The 2nd paralysis is when we want to make it perfect, because we want to avoid mistakes.

Paralysis #2

is nicely explained by an executive coach Dan Peña who said,

Perfection equals paralysis. If you left it to engineers, no car would ever left the assembly line”

Dan Peña

Meaning that if you keep thinking and trying to make it perfect, a perfect plan, a perfect keyword strategy, or a perfect marketing strategy – you’ll never actually do anything.

With so many SEO Tools online like SEMrush and Ahrefs and all the keyword and niche possibilities you might get stuck. You shouldn’t. You should keep moving.

Web developers know this. The best way to learn is to jump straight into the project.

Because you can run in circles all day and never actually move. Just because you’re doing something, doesn’t mean you’re getting anything done. Don’t fool yourself. Start doing it.

We must make sure that we try our business idea as soon as conditions arise.

Once that happens, just go for it.

Just go for it - jump


It’s never a good time to make a hard decision.

Dan Pena

You Don’t Need to Know How to Code

WordPress is designed in such a way that you don’t need to know how to code, both front end or back end.

With many hosting providers out of the box you usually get a bunch of free themes to use, couple of important plugins and a quick 1-step installation.You just click a button and it’s done.

Then if you want to customize it (which I highly recommend) with all kinds of free (and premium) plugins, you can keep clicking. It all goes smoothly. And if you happen to run into some errors duruing plugin installation or update, it’s all quickly solved by your hosting provider.

All the themes are there to satisfy any small business owner, and they are designed to work with WordPress CMS interface. And if you do know how to code, it offers an open CMS system where you can edit and access anything.

WordPress is also scallable and powerful.

One of the largest websites in the world run WordPress, such as BBC America, Sony Music, Microsoft News, TechCrunch, etc.

If You’re a Beginner, and Never Made a Blog

Fear not, it’s easy to make a blog website.

And if you want to create a business online, you should start a blog right now.

But it’s not easy to make a living out of it, I won’t lie about that. For that, lots of work is needed. A lot of discipline. A lot of growing.

You have to work at it, every day. You have to plan.

And if you do it regularly, and are not afraid to jump straight in without procrastinating, than you will be going places.

Since you’re here, it means you have the motivation already, and don’t need to motivate yourself futher – you’re ready to jump in. Just remember – treat yourself as a CEO.

You have to treat it as a business, not a hobby.

treat your website like a business

Unless you don’t want to make money online.

But if you do, you have to keep doing it consistently, and don’t give up. Sooner or later, you’re gonna catch a break.

Doesn’t matter on what level you’re at, if you create a goal, direction and plan, and follow it no matter what, you will achieve success.

And if you fail, you get up and try a different tactic. Just keep moving forward.

Small changes over time amount to extraordinary results.

And many more future results.

And if you’re not doing it for money, it helps your expression and creativity.

You get to write what you want, how you want, and you get to be surrounded by people who will read your blog every time you post and enjoy it. Be inspired by it.

You can then put all those skills that you’ve earned by having a blog on your resume some day.. Because it’s an extremely useful skill to have.

Success is not some esoteric thing in life, it’s not unreachable.

Life is about learning lessons and growing, and if you keep doing it with discipline and consistency, then you can achieve it.

My 10-part Series on “How to Start a Blog”

When it comes to skills, my 10-part series were designed with both the beginner and intermediate blogger in mind, both for those who are just starting to learn about blogs, and those who did blog, but never quite made it, never reached their goals.

Why is it 10 days? It just came into 10 parts while I was planning it. It may take you more or less to create a blog and write a first post (usually less) while still being able to do another job if you have it, and not burn out. But also, it offers a wide variety of resources, tools and advice I’ve gathered over the course of me being in blogging business.

So you’ll get lots of info, but still enough energy to keep pushing it.

If you’ve got questions to ask or you’re unsure by the instructions feel free to post a comment. I’ll reply.

And if you get to the end of 10 days and finish all the things you were supposed to do, jump straight into writing and publish your first article.

You should publish as soon as you can. Even if you don’t finish all the steps, just go ahead and write something. Make sure it’s useful. Then hit “publish”.

It’s very important that you always make a step into the unknown fast.

Don’t hesitate.

Already Had a Blog But Failed?

Setback is a set up for a comeback.

Les Brown

Treat it as a challenge. You tried something, didn’t work out – move on.

I want you to succeed. My main purpose here with this blog is to showcase how it can be done, step-by-step. Everything I do will be shown here.

Instead of confusion and too many choices, I want you to have clarity and focus.

Out of too many choices, you need to choose one and go with it.

Focus and have clarity

Follow my steps and succeed. My How to Start a Blog” 10-part Series is a great way to jump right back in, and make it this time.

You can go-step-by step or get my FREE e-book with all parts combined together.

All my other articles here are for you guys to learn and be successful with your blogs.

No matter the reason your blog didn’t make it, you’ve probably learned a lot from your experience, and can come back with greater determination and knowledge than ever.

Whether you didn’t plan your posts, or have chosen a difficult niche, or picked something you cared nothing about, no matter what the reason was you can still make it. WordPress blogging and affiliate marketing is hot stuff right now, and the information to strategize is everywhere.

Here, on my blog, I’ll try to keep it organized, compact and actionable.

And if you start a blog yourself right now, you can go side-by-side and compare yourself to this website. Any questions you have I will answer, because I want to help.

All you need is to jump straight into it, and the greatness awaits on the other side.

Set Your Goals Now

To get this train moving, you must set your goals as soon as possible.

I’ll post an article of the main points what needs to be done to get started, but for now, at least try to determine your goals.

Goals are crucial for any endeavor, for any business, for any project and for any dream. Because dreams without goals are just dreams. And they ultimately fuel disappointment. Same with anything else in business. If you don’t define goals with clarity, you’ll end up drifting, and you will lose potential readers and customers.

Define what you’re going to achieve.

Define Your Goals

Make two pages: short-term and long-term goals. In short-term you put goals for 1, 3, and 6 months and for long term 12, 18, 24 months.

If you don’t know what to put for long-term if you’re a complete beginner, don’t worry about it. Just create short-term goals, and long-term will pop out in a few months.

For example, short-term goals could be: to publish 5 articles, create 10 new relationships with other bloggers, get 50 backlinks, etc. Or better yet, make them continuous, for example, publish 1 article every 2-3 days, increase traffic by 10% every month, etc.

Once you create your goals you need to pick your niche and direction. I’ll post articles on this soon.

Remember: You’ve got to be hungry. Set your goals high.

Treat Your Blog Like a Business

What I share on this website is how to start a blog, get regular readers and earn a living.

Not to start a blog, talk about your pets and never create a newsletter or to never monetize. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong about writing about your pets, I’ve got both a dog and a few cats myself, and I could write a lot about them.

But why not create something out of it? Something measurable. If you treat it like a hobby then you’ll get no business, no real measurable future in it if and if you you just start writing without any goals, direction and plans you will probably end giving up.

Money isn’t everything, but we always have more needs, people to take care of, dreams fulfilled. This takes money. To get money, treat your blog like a Business and be a CEO of your own blogging business.

To get there, some specific steps need to be taken.

I want you to achieve those goals with me. Follow my blog posts, and you’ll see how it can be done.

You’ve got to understand your readers, know how they relate to your business, and what is a value for them. Once you realize that, and realize your skillset, then you can create a strategy around it.

If you follow my guides and my example, you and me can do the same thing.

I’m doing it right now with this website.

I write all the articles myself, I plan everything myself, and install everything myself.

I don’t hire a manager for it, because I like to invest myself in a new project as much as possible, so much that I breathe that project, I live it. Then I can properly understand it, improve it, design it the way I feel it, and set a direction the way I see it. I always visualize my goals, because I’m a visual learner. This is very important because you see the finish line all the time, but you also discipline yourself and go one step at a time.

All my posts have these things in mind: starting a WordPress blog/website, treating it as a business, monetizing it, optimizing for SEO and getting great results from traffic.

You can enjoy it if you write about  the stuff you already know about, and make money from home as well.

Possibilities with a WordPress Blog?

Depends on what business you’re already in, or if you starting from scratch, which niche/industry do you pick, what your goals are, do you have a content strategy, how helpful your articles are, and how many and useful monetization options do you set up on your website.

WordPress is Full of Possibilities

It really helps that WordPress is SEO friendly. With all the plugins available you can really make a difference and get ahead of competition.

Takes time to set up everything and to keep the train going, but once you’re on it, nothing can stop you.

Maybe you’ve tried it but failed. All failures are a learning experience. Get what you learned from that experience and try again.

If you follow my step-by-step guides (which are soon be available) you can most certainly make it a success.

All you need is develop some plans and strategies, and make sure you take advantage of the affiliate marketing strategy.

The affiliate marketing is really hot right now to make a side-income, and you can literary be in any kind of business and earn from affiliate marketing. It’s not the only option, but it is very profitable.

Authority blogs are popping up from various places, most notably in the software niche.

Some of them are quite recent, but quite good and skyrocketed really fast (adamenfroy.com) and some have existed for years and built an empire (smartpassiveincome.com). RyRob.com is another example.

Now, you may be thinking “how can I compete with them?” – Wrong question. You don’t need to.

World population is rising constantly, more and more new users are on the net every day, most of them eagerly wanting to start making money online. And the more authority you gain for your website, the more other bloggers will be visiting, some new and some already long in the game.

So there will always be new users. You just need to keep it competitive.

Adam Enfroy is the prime example of how a good skillset in marketing, strong will and discipline can propel you to heights where your goals were set. Now he’s traveling the world like a boss.

If you’re already working in a digital agency or company that has any ties with what you’re writing about, use them to create a few articles on their blog and get some juicy backlinks.

When you visit some famous blogger’s website, if you look at their content you realize two things:

1. You can do it yourself if you put the time to learn and grow, and

2. Why wasn’t I doing this already?

Now I’m not saying what they did is a small thing, it took many consistent 80+ hour weeks to do this. Many of them are still working just as much.

I’m working 40h per week only at LeadGenius next to this blog. And you should do it with me.

Join me. Success awaits us.

Success Awaits Us

In the next few weeks I’ll be showing, step-by-step, how to launch a blog then set up everything, one by one, from WordPress plugins, SEO tweaking and keyword research, monetization, content strategy and link building.

It takes time, and work, I won’t lie, but if you take it one step at the time and follow my clear and focused guides you’ll get there pretty soon.

You’ll need to create your own strategy and plan for some aspects of your website. You can go without it, but you’ll just be drifting.

There will be a FREE e-book from me containing all the 10 steps with a summary that’ll be able to follow through a single pdf file.

It will help you in your website needs no matter at what level you’re at.

FREE 10-part series - How to Start a Blog

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