How to Start a Blog #9: Promoting Your Blog Post Effectively

How to Start a Blog #9: Promoting Your Blog Post Effectively
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You wrote some great articles.

You really put your effort into it. But… your blog is a ghost town.

Then it’s time to promote your posts, and promote them effectively.

Having awesome content is great, but if you’re not promoting it regularly, the success of your blog is greatly diminished.

Getting the word out and bringing people to your site tells Google that things are working and something’s happening, so it can start ranking your posts faster, and you can start building your follower base.

The best place for that are social networks, and high DA sites.

Not all social networks are the same.
Some are working against you, and some are simply ineffective.

For example, if you post on Twitter, it gets buried fast in your reader’s feed under a pile of other tweets. But, if you do a YouTube video, it will stay relevant and evergreen for years to come.

If you’re creating a passive income niche site, without any backlinking strategy, your growth may be going very slowly. But, that is normal for that kind of approach.

With the right content, and just by being consistent, this growth will continue and then skyrocket once Google figures out that things are happening there, and you get some organic backlinks.

Great thing about starting bloggers is that blog promotion is mostly free, you just have to tweak your shares a bit for different social networks.

Please note that a few of the links below are affiliate links, and I may recieve a small compensation, at no cost to you.

Blog-Promotion-Techniques-Social Media icons

Here are some of the effective blog promotion techniques (free):

1.   Promote Your Blog Post on Pinterest

You want a social platform that will work in your interests.

A social platform that sends people back to your WordPress blog.

Facebook may be very popular but it is not the best, as Facebook wants people who you’ve brought to Facebook to stay on Facebook, so it can show them ads, and make money. If they go to your site, not so good for Facebook.

It’s highly useful to promote your blog posts effectively, and not waste time. Tgat is why it is best to promote on social network that is aligned with your own interests.

We want people to share our content, and FB is fine for that.

However, Pinterest is even better for blog promotion because users actually search for content on Pinterest, which is different than having a feed of the most recent and popular posts. So, when you “pin” something, and link it to your blog post, it will stay there for years to come and for users to find.

How to promote a blog post on Pinterest:

  • ask your friends to share,
  • join some groups relevant to your niche and share your pins there,
  • share useful content which is relevant to your audience,
  • write engaging headlines,
  • make your pictures taller so they appear larger than others,
  • use #hashtags.
Pinterest icon - how to promote blog post on pinterest

Social media is great for content promotion, because you’ll get access to new audiences and new markets. And Pinterest is excellent for this, as it gives great value and sends users to your site. All you need, is for the snowball to start rolling.

2.   Create a YouTube Video for Your Blog Post

YouTube is very good at sending people back to your site, which is the main goal when sharing on social media.

By modifying your content, and repurposing it into a video, you will promote your content to your existing audience, but also reach new audiences.

iPhone with Youtube icon - How to promote blog post on youtube

How to promote a post on YouTube:

  • For a new blog, videos should be shorter
  • For new blogs, videos that answer a specific question do well
  • It’s a smart idea to aim for your videos to be evergreen, meaning they are useful and relevant for years to come.
  • The headline should be engaging, and can even be slightly provocative, or clickbaity, but for a good reason,
  • because you will deliver with a nice, helpful video, and a good blog post to which you will send your viewers
  • There should always be a Call To Action, an encouragement for a viewer to visit your blog. Viewers need to be interested, and have a reason to see all of what you have to say, which is on your website.

This blog promotion technique is one of the most important, and highly recommended for anyone with a WordPress blog.

Twitter, for example, doesn’t do this, because you need your posts to be searched for and visible. On Twitter, unless you’re already famous, when you post something, and it shows on someone’s feed, it just gets cluttered with all the other tweets very quickly.

YouTube is different, and allows your videos to remain relevant for years.

Long-term, YouTube will bring you value, constantly, and that is why creating YouTube channel to suplement your blog is an effective way of promotion.

If you’re just starting a blog and a YouTube channel, it’s advisable that the first videos are not rants, or discussions, but that they answer a specific question. They shouldn’t be long, and should be helpful. This will ensure that: a) they are watched entirely, and b) they get ranked because of how YouTube and Google search engines work.

3.   Guest-post on High Authority Websites

Man typing on laptop - Guest posting on high authority websites

Guest-posting is one of the best ways to get your name out there, get relevant backlinks and build trust and credibility in your niche.

Guest posts should to be of the best quality you can produce.

One of the more important scores to check for the success of your guest posting is DA – Domain Authority. DA is a search engine ranking score “developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs)”.

When you guest-post on a high DA website, you get backlinks, which are highly ranked “inbound links” to your site, that tell Google you’ve got some credibility going on, which raises your own DA over time.

The higher the domain authority of the website you’re guest-posting on, the better.

Guest post guidelines (How to guest-post):

  1. Use these guest posting sites for 2020 to identify opportunities,
  2. Pick websites relevant to your niche, keeping in mind difficulty of getting a guest spot, and their domain authority,
  3. Use the Contribute link on that website to connect/apply or, find their personal emails and do some outreach,
  4. Negotiate, going back and forth (sometimes takes weeks)
  5. get approved, and send the final version to them.

You may be allowed to insert one or two links back to your blog next to the “About Author” paragraph at the end of your guest-post article, so you can get even more traffic sent to your blog.

To check your backlinks you can use SEMrush. They have a 7-day Free trial. No tool is 100% accurate, but SEMrush very useful tool not only for backlinks, but for keyword research and website analysis.

IMPORTANT: Never send your entire un-published blog post to someone. Always send only the short script or headlines and an explanation, depending on what is asked.

4.   Create a Podcast or Be a Guest on a Podcast

This is another free and easy way to gain entrance to a completely new audience, simply by turning your video into an audio.

Promote your posts by plugging your content into the podcast discussion.

Unless you want to get serious about podcasting, it’s best just to turn your video into audio, otherwise it will take too much of your time which you could spend writing your articles.

Almost no work is needed, and it can be done fairly quickly.

If you don’t have your own podcast, consider reaching out to an influencer in your industry and joining a podcast. Share your content with an influencer, promote yourself a bit, tell them how you can be a good addition to one of the episodes.

Give them all the information that might help them to make it easier for them in the process in creating such a podcast. Be proactive.

With some luck, they might just reply back to you and have you on as a guest.

Use the podcast episode to plug in your blog, mentioning the most popular stuff, and the most helpful post on your blog.

5.   Have Your Content SEO Optimized

This is the obvious one, and by far the most important part for your blog post continuous success.

This is the most effective way of promotion that works continuously.

SEO optimized post means it will be easily discoverable by search engines, most importantly by Google search engine. It is the best, organic blog promotion technique by far, and it will make your post stay on top of search results for years to come.

I use All in One SEO plugin. Here is the Pro version.

Google SEO - always have SEO -friendly content

To rank on the first page of Google results it is imperative to follow some of the best SEO practices and proven ways to rank high.

How to Optimize Blog Post for SEO:

  • Post is easily indexed by bots and readable to people,
  • Your Post is more helpful (and better) than posts from your competition that target the same keywords,
  • Relevant keywords are targeted throughout your post,
  • Your post is mobile friendly,
  • Your post has helpful internal and external links and images,
  • Has an optimized title tag that targets main keywords,
  • the post is easily accessed, and fast.

It may seem like a lot, especially if you’re a beginner in blogging, but if you just do a few of these things on your first posts, and keep expanding on later posts, then it will become just a standard for you.

Follow these rules, and your posts will always outrank the other similar posts which aren’t making their blog posts SEO friendly.

6.   Connect With an Influencer in Your Niche

Neil Patel profile photo - Influencer in blogging and content marketing

Influencers can amplify your social reach and increase your credibility.

As an entrepreneur with a blogging business, you may want to connect to as many influential personas a

These are people with high authority in your niche, and they have major following to which you want access, at least to spread the awareness of your blog.

It’s very useful to get access to their audience and get promoted, which will give you a boost, and even some backlinks.

This will also help influencers as well, because, in turn they get access to new audiences and frontiers as well, from our side. Support the people who you partner with, always follow your influencer, link to their articles, and give them a small perpetual boost.

One of the ways to connect is to partner with an influencer during your content creation.

How to Find Influencers in Your Niche:

  1. identify potential influencers in your niche.
    Search most popular websites in your industry, do Google research on some of the most important topics and keywords relative to you, and see where the most readers go to. Find them on social networks. Try BuzzStream.
  2. Then, pick a few influencers you really like. Get to know them, and their blogs. You could do this organically over time (following them on social media, liking their posts, comment on their posts, interacting, actually investing some time to get to know their business).
  3. Ask an influencer for a quote, or a share for your next blog post.
    Make sure your content is relevant to their audience and that it adds some value to their personal brand.
  4. If you’ve written about your influencers, tell them you’ve mentioned and shared them. Email them so they know and maybe even ask them for a share. It doesn’t cost them anything, and if you’re just starting out, it can mean a world to you.

Template to Connect to an Influencer:

Hi (first name of your influencer),

My name is (name) and I/we have a blog/company (name of blog/company).

[I write with a focus on (focus)] OR We specialize in (specialization).

I’m reaching out because I’ve been following you for a while now, and I really appreciate the helpful content you share on your blog. I just released a new (post/video) on (topic). (Explain your content in 2 short senteces)

We put a lot of effort in this one, and we think that your follower base will like it a lot. If you’d share it would mean a world to us!
(link to blog post/video)

Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

Best, (your name)

Men shaking hands - connect with an influencer

Influencers can widen your reach and give you access to more audiences and exciting future collaborations.

7.   Promote Your Blog through Email Marketing

For this to work, you first need to have some audience on your email list.

One of the most successful ways to get emails from readers, while giving something valuable in return, is to create lead magnets. They are essential in every blogger’s marketing strategy.

Lead magnet a piece of content that you give for free in exchange for an email, and a name.

Gmail account - promote blog posts with email marketing

It could be a free guide, a checklist, toolkit, resource list, cheat sheet, report – anything that you think is valuable for your audience and doesn’t take much time to read through.

Your future readers will gladly take it, if it’s easy to download, and give you their email in exchange.

It’s a win-win. It’s a small piece of content packed with useful information for your readers, and it’s an email with a name, for you.

Nurture those emails. Don’t spam. Share valuable content. To promote using email content promotion, is by including links to your latest post(s) when sharing something with your email base. You could share every time you post, plus give some good, valuable insight.

For the beginner bloggers, it’s best to keep it simple, and not to saturate your email database, and use an email service such as Mailchimp which is free, to keep track of the open emails, clicks, conversions, and so on.

8.   Connect to People Who Shared Similar Content

This tactic can get you ‘relevant’ backlinks.

Now this… may not be as productive as writing good posts and simply putting fresh content out there, as content is king, but it can still be beneficial.

To get more backlinks from people with relevant websites to your own content, you could connect to them by finding the content they shared which is similar to yours.

To do this, you will need to find content they shared. Find content similar to your own which you’re trying to promote.

Once you find some content which is similar to yours, then find its backlinks and shares. Trace those backlinks and find the contact information of the people behind them. Introduce yourself to them, and ask them to share your own (possibly better) content, as well.

Backlinks are very important of ranking high on Google. Relevant, “follow” backlinks.

To build a high authority site, to become an influencer yourself, you need high authority backlinks for your blog. This is one way to get them.

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