Alek Mitch

Hi, I'm Aleksandar Micic (Alek Mitch)

I help entrepreneurs how to create their own WordPress Blog, grow their business, and make a living online.

Almost anyone can launch a blog, write SEO friendly content and rank high on Google.
I can show you how you can do it successfully.

I started this blog with the goal of showing by example, how you can launch a blog, and create a sustainable side-income.

One thing to note: There is no such thing as “passive income”, where you just sit back and do nothing.
If you want to make money for your blog – you have to work for it.

To  have a successful trustworthy blog, it takes time and learning. It’s not a rocket science, but you have to work at it a bit every day, and be consistent. You need to drive in organic traffic, generate the momentum on Google and keep going. If you’re the only one doing everything, including writing, then you need to have a plan, goals, and the will to succeed.

I’m doing all of that stuff, and also working in another company called LeadGenius.

How to do this? Write about things you have expertise in, passion for, things you’d like to learn about. 

And then, create a brand around it.

Who is Alek Mitch?

I’ve been running WordPress blogs for some time now, but I never really felt satisfied with my niche sites. For some of them, I didn’t like what I was writing about. Some of them I treated as hobbies, rather than a business.

My dream has been to have a proper online presence, in person. Ever since I can remember.
I’ve done a lot of other projects in different niches, but none of them were ever fueled with passion as much as this venture has been.

At the time of writing, my blog is 3 weeks old, but it will grow. You should create your own blog  and grow with me.

What I do: I help bloggers create and improve their WordPress sites, from an idea and niche selection, domains and hosting, to strategizing all the important elements such as content, backlinking and monetization and all the little things to give them the edge, teach them how to write engaging content (or how to hire writers), and make their business a success through the creation of a differentiated and personalized brand in a profitable niche.

Most importantly, I help bloggers how to blog like entrepreneurs and treat their blog like a business, not a hobby.

Next to launching this business, I’m also working at a B2B account based marketing company called LeadGenius. 
Due to working 110h weeks, I haven’t been able to fully customize this websit.

Feel free to contact me about anything at all. I always respond in person.

For entrepreneurs who have dreams for greatness:
I’d like to quote a few successful people who said: “Life won’t give you deals because you maintain a sense of integrity. Stop procrastinatig and take action. Set your goals and control your environment. You have to take control and attack it head on. Don’t be afraid to fail.”

Follow my blog and we’ll do it together. You can launch your own successful blog with me in no time.

Never be Discouraged

Never be discouraged. Never hold back. Give it everyhing you got.

And take yourself to the next level